Frequently asked questions

How do I become an IATA Accredited Agent?

Please contact IATA directly for exact details.
How do I contact the Travel Agency Commissioner?

Send an e-mail to the address of the Commissioner situated in your IATA Area (see “Contact Us”).
Do the services provided by the Travel Agency Commissioner have any cost?

The Commissioners' services are pre-funded by the industry and are provided without further charge to users.
What kind of disputes does the Travel Agency Commissioner handle?
​​Do I need the services of legal counsel when dealing with a Travel Agency Commissioner's review procedure?

Mainly those listed in Resolution 820e,  § 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

Those lists are not exhaustive, but rather illustrative of the most common courses of actions required from Agents/Applicants, Airlines or IATA and brought to the Travel Agency Commissioner's attention.

You have the right to be represented by legal counsel if you so wish.

The proceedings are kept simple, so, in principle, there is no specific requirement or assumption that you are represented by legal counsel.
How long does a Travel Agency Commissioner's case usually last?
​​If I am appealing an IATA decision or action, such as the termination of my IATA accreditation, what is my status during the Commissioner's review?

Not very long, as a rule.

The emphasis is on securing an early and amicable solution to the problem in hand.

Weeks rather than months usually suffice to complete a review and arrive at a decision. Nonetheless, the actual length will depend on the complexity of each case.

The termination decision may, as any other decision, at the request of the Agent and under certain conditions, be placed in suspense pending the outcome of the review.

Please see Resolution 820e  § for further guidance.
What other services can the Commissioner provide?
Are the Travel Agency Commissioner’s decisions published?

The Commissioners are empowered to mediate between the Parties, either upon request from any one of them or out of the Commissioners' own judgement in order to settle a dispute, whenever the circumstances so warrant.

The Commissioner will answer requests for information, or any request of similar nature, provided they are not linked to any specific case under review or other pending dispute. 

The Commissioner will not counsel or offer guidance to individual Travel Agencies, Travel Agency Associations, Airlines or IATA.

No, they are only sent directly to the concerned Parties.

The decision will be posted on the secured part of this website, where only members of the PAPGJC have access to, provided no Party has objected to this publication.
I received an ADM and I want to dispute it. Can the Commissioner help?
How approachable is the Commissioner?

Yes, the Commissioner can assist.

It is imperative that the ADM is timely disputed through the BSP.
The procedure to be applied if the ADM is disputed PRIOR being included in the BSP Billing is stated in Resolution 818g Attach. “A” § 1.7.9.

If the ADM is not disputed prior billing, it will be included in it. The procedure to object it, at this stage, is stated in Resolution 818g Attach. “A” § 1.10.5.

The Commissioners have jurisdiction to review the compliance with the above-mentioned procedures. The Commissioners have also jurisdiction to review the merits of an ADM, provided both Parties would have consented to submit their dispute to this Office (Resolution 850m § 4.9).

The Travel Agency Commissioners are dedicated to helping facilitate the working relationship between Accredited Agents, Applicants, IATA and Airlines.

All reasonable calls, emails and requests for review are given serious consideration and prompt attention.