Role of the Travel Agency Commissioner
The role of the Travel Agency Commissioner is to act as an independent arbitrator in international commercial disputes which may arise between an IATA Accredited Agent or an Applicant, on one hand, and, IATA and/or any BSP Participating Airline on the other hand. This site describes the authority, powers and procedures of the Travel Agency Commissioner.

Some of our activities are:
  • Carry-out reviews
  • Conduct oral hearings
  • Mediate in commercial disputes
  • Prepare an Annual Report
  • Provide commentary and feedback on the efficacy of the Passenger Agency Programme to the stakeholders
Resolution 820e provides that the Travel Agency Commissioners are not authorized to counsel or offer guidance to individual agents, travel agencies, travel agency associations, IATA or airlines, except as specifically provided under the terms of Resolution 820d. They are, of course, at liberty to answer questions of a procedural or similar nature relating to a request for a Travel Agency Commissioner's review.