The Agency Programme is constantly under review and is the subject of on-going dialogue between Airlines and Agents. As a result, adjustments and improvements are progressively introduced in order to keep the programme relevant to the industry's needs.

In order to access the most current version of those rules go to IATA's website (

Below are listed some of the most relevant Resolutions:

Resolution 820d - Travel Agency Commissioner
Authority and Procedures
Each Travel Agency Commissioner is jointly appointed by IATA's Director General, UFTAA's and WTAAA’s Chairman/CEOs. This Office's authority derives from this Resolution.
Resolution 820e - ​Reviews by the Travel Agency Commissioner
Authority and Procedures
The powers and enabling procedures of the Travel Agency Commissioner are set out in this Resolution.
Resolution 860a - ​​Passenger Agency Programme Global Joint Council (PAPGJC)

Resolution 824 - ​​​Passenger Sales Agency Agreement
​​​​​Sometimes this Resolution is referred to by its initials "PSAA" or as "Agreement", since it is the signed contract between IATA, on behalf of Member Airlines, and the Agent.
The Travel Agent Handbook

The above-mentioned Resolutions are to be found in the Travel Agent's Handbook, where also all other Resolutions are published. The latest versions of them are posted on IATA's website (please see below for the appropriate links).
Travel Agent Handbook
TAH800 - June 2017
Travel Agent Handbook
TAH818g - June 2017

BSP Manual for Agents

The BSP Manual for Agents forms part of the Passenger Sales Agency Agreement and contains the basic rules and procedures applicable when participating in a BSP.​​

BSP Manual